Train Your Brain to Love Healthy Food

Cake or fruit choiceWe weren’t born loving cheeseburgers and hating spinach. Our “taste conditioning” has been developed via many years of eating high-fat, high-sodium, and sugar-laden foods offered by restaurants and a plethora of processed “convenience” foods. A recent study by the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center has determined that we can, in fact, re-condition our taste buds to enjoy healthier options. READ MORE

Have a Nutritious, Delicious Thanksgiving!

turkey eat more veggiesThanksgiving is here again, kicking off the holiday season. And ‘tis the beginning of many festive events, most with food being front and center. This can cause a certain amount of trepidation about overeating and weight gain, putting at least a small damper on spirits. After all, about half of all weight gained annually occurs during the winter holidays. READ MORE

How Sweet It Is!…..Or Not?

Artificial sweeteners packetsThere has been a lot of controversy about artificial sweeteners and health. While most studies have found them to be safe, anecdotal evidence from individuals indicates they may cause headaches or other minor side effects in some. There has also been much debate as to whether diet beverages actually help weight loss and maintenance or whether they hinder it. One theory suggest that the intense sweetness of diet beverages may entice the taste buds and cause people to seek out and consume more calories from sweet foods and beverages. This is merely conjecture, however, because there is currently no solid scientific evidence to confirm this. Again, this may be the case for some and not others. READ MORE