Eat Plenty of Bs!

Vitamin/Mineral BottleNo, not the bees that pollinate flowers! B vitamins! They help you get energy from the food you eat, help form red blood cells, and can cause health issues if you don’t get enough of them. And from analyzing the eating patterns of numerous clients, David Rath Nutrition can attest to the fact that most people’s diets are deficient in them, even though they’re found in good supply in many common foods. READ MORE

Here’s to a Healthy Thanksgiving!

turkey with signThe early pioneers had feasts to celebrate their harvests. The tradition has carried on. The fourth Thursday in November each year we give thanks for all that we have, and also have feasts to celebrate the holiday. To ensure our celebration supports good health, there are certain things we can do. Following are tips for cutting calories and preventing food illness while enjoying your Thanksgiving feast to its fullness: READ MORE

Estimating Calorie Needs

produce at farmers marketA lot of individual variables determine calorie needs for an athlete (size, gender, type of sport, training cycle, etc.), which means it can be a trial and error adventure. You’ll want to estimate a number of calories, or amounts of food to eat in a meal plan, and then tweak it up or down to find your level. To begin, use the formula below to get a ballpark figure of daily calories that you need. It takes into account your Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), the calories burned at rest, and your activity level, the calories you burn by intentional movement. READ MORE