Get on the Fiber Train: Part 2

Family shopping for fruitOK, my last blog article touched on some of the benefits of fiber in general and how to determine the amount you need for adults. Now we’ll take fiber, carbohydrates not digested by the body, and distinguish the two main types – “soluble” and “insoluble.” Since I didn’t include amounts for children in the last blog, I’ll list them at the end. READ MORE

Get on the Fiber Train…..Really!

Fruit bowl and breadStudies show a synergistic effect of fiber and phytochemicals, such as antioxidants, found in plant foods. A review of numerous studies indicates that antioxidants get a boost in effectiveness by dietary fiber. This has been found to be particularly true of polyphenols, a large group of phytochemicals with antioxidant properties found in fruits and other plant foods. This may be at least one of the reasons why fiber has been found to be protective against colon cancer. Fiber acts like a train to help transport beneficial phytochemicals to the colon. Also, fiber contains butyrate, a metabolic by-product that has been found to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. This is probably why whole grains have been linked to lower risk of colon cancer, because they contain significant amounts of both fiber and phytochemicals. READ MORE

Eat Healthy Without Busting Your Budget

dollar billsMost of us want to have a little extra cash left after we’ve paid for life’s essentials. We want to sock some money away for our children’s college fund, save a bit here and there for a vacation, or just have a little extra on-hand for that “rainy day.” And how about all those presents we need to buy with Christmas just around the corner? One thing we can do to have discretionary income for these things is to keep our food costs down. Food costs are a major expense, and can be a drain on our budgets. Fortunately, with just a little thought and planning, there are a lot of ways we can control these costs. Below are some “food budget survival tips” that can help: READ MORE