Phytochemicals: Nature’s Nutritional Treasures

When we were growing up our moms told us to eat our fruits and vegetables. We would have to sit at the table, with no chance of leaving to play, until our plate was devoid of these strange foodstuffs. Oh what worse torture could a mother bestow upon us than this! But now that we’re older and wiser (hopefully!), we understand that mom loved us and her intentions were pure. She was just looking out for our health. READ MORE

Weight Strategies That Work!

Cake or fruit choiceMethods of losing weight vary considerably from one person to the next. There are thousands of ways to lose it, some better (healthier) than others. The trick seems to be maintaining that loss. If you want to keep weight off, here are some tried and true ways. According to a review of 6,000 people who lost weight and maintained their weight loss, these behavioral strategies were the ones they adopted that worked: READ MORE