Emergency Nutrition: Are You Prepared?

light, apple, tape, batteriesGiven the tornados in Oklahoma this year, and the fact that it’s tornado seasion, I thought nutrition for emergencies might be a timely blog article, even though this addresses emergencies that are more long-term in duration. This is considerably longer than most of my blogs, so consider it more of a reference to print or save on your computer for possible future use in an emergency situation. READ MORE

Safe at the Grill!

grilling vegetablesSummer’s here and we’re cranking up our grills. Fourth of July is just around the corner. There’s nothing like a spending a Sunday or holiday afternoon having grilled delights with friends and family. Ah, it doesn’t get any better than that!

And not to put a damper on the fun, but I’m writing this blog to suggest some ways to make our grilling masterpieces healthier and safer. Hey, what can I say….I’m a nutritionist! It’s an occupational hazard not to partake of a little health and food safety with my grilling! So all you “grillmeisters” please indulge me and take note of a few tidbits of advice that will help you play it safe at the grill: READ MORE

Farmers’ Markets: As Fresh as It Gets!

farmers market berriesNothing says summer like red, ripe tomatoes and strawberries, juicy peaches and corn on the cob still in its husk! Tis the season for farmers’ markets to provide us with a variety of fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables, herbs and a friendly, unique shopping adventure. This week’s blog is intended to help you make the most of your farmers’ market experience. READ MORE