Back to School: Get Your Child off to a Good Start

Various breakfast foodsThere are many reasons why breakfast has been touted as the most important meal of the day. Generally we haven’t eaten since the evening before, about 12-15 hours ago. So it breaks your fast (break-fast) and gives your body energy and nutrients needed to face the day. This is particularly important for young children with little tummies that need to eat more often. READ MORE

Broccoli for President? No, But… President for Broccoli!

CrucifersWhen asked about his favorite food at the second annual Kids’ State Dinner at the White House, President Obama replied “broccoli.” Almost immediately following was a deluge of tweets poking both fun and criticism regarding the comment. Wow, it’s tough being President! You can’t even say you like broccoli without causing a social media storm! I remember a previous President that actually verbalized a disdain for it and received less criticism. As a dietitian who makes a living encouraging, cajoling, and all but begging clients to eat fruits and veggies, I was very happy to hear it, however. READ MORE