4 Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Athletic Kids

Child on bikeby Anya Willis

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start making your shopping list and checking it twice. Instead of wrapping up toys for your children that could end up gathering dust in a few months, why not check out your local sporting goods store? If your child is a budding athlete, that’s where you’ll find the items on their wishlist.

The American Heart Association recommends that kids get about an hour of exercise each day, so this holiday season, give your children gifts that will encourage them to get outside, stay active, and have fun while getting fit. Here are a few gifts that your athletic kids will appreciate for years to come.

 Slam Dunk

 Having a basketball hoop is fun for the whole family. If your kid loves shooting hoops in the gym at school, setting up a hoop at home is the perfect holiday gift. It’s a great way to get the kids outside when their friends are over, and if you both enjoy a little healthy competition, a few games of one-on-one are a fantastic bonding opportunity.

You can purchase a freestanding basketball hoop and place it in an area with plenty of room to play. Alternatively, you can install a hoop and a backboard on the outer wall of the house adjacent to your backyard or driveway.

Backyard Soccer Field

 Is your kid the star of their soccer team? Do they plan to stick with the sport through high school? They might benefit from being able to practice on a backyard soccer field. It’s recommended that the field be at least 15 yards wide by 20 yards long. If you have a spacious backyard, this gift could help your child perfect their technique.

Depending on the size, a backyard soccer field could run you anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars, so it’s important to budget carefully for the materials, equipment, and labor. A gift like this will definitely require some advance planning and research, but if your child is super passionate about soccer, it’s worth the effort and expense.

 The Great Outdoors

 According to Everyone Benefits, spending time outside helps children build resilience, reduce stress, and learn self-confidence. If your child loves to spend time outdoors, give them a gift that will encourage their love of nature.

For older kids, consider a mountain bike or dirt bike. Mountain and dirt biking are great ways for older kids and teenagers to get a solid workout and enjoy some fresh air. However, kids will need to take extra safety precautions to use these bikes. Make sure to hook them up with the right protective gear, and sign them up for a safety course if they are offered in your area.

Do you live near the beach? Talk to the staff at local surf shops to see if they can help you choose your child’s first surfboard. If your kid has expressed interest in surfing, but they need some time to master their balance, you can gift them a skateboard first.

 Hit the Slopes

 Does your family live near the mountains? You may have already experienced the first snowfall of the year, and if your child just can’t get enough of the wintery weather, a skiing or snowboarding lesson could be a fun and unconventional gift.

If they already have some skiing experience, you could inquire about a season pass at a local mountain so that the two of you can bundle up and ski together whenever the conditions are good. Most first-time skiers and snowboarders start out with rental gear, but if your kid is a regular on the slopes, ask the ski shops about equipment sales.

The best part about giving sporty gifts to your athletic kids? The whole family can enjoy them together. While you’re breaking a sweat, you’ll be creating happy memories that you can all look back on with a smile.

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