Simple and Sustainable Steps for Senior Health

Food plate for Healthy Seniors blogBy guest author Karen Weeks

Health doesn’t have to be complicated. Too often, taking care of yourself is presented as an all-or-nothing situation. The reality is simpler and far more powerful: Small steps can add up to big results. This is especially good news for seniors who want to savor their retirement and not spend every minute worried about what they are or aren’t doing. Read on for some small but mighty ways seniors can keep their health in check. READ MORE

4 Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Athletic Kids

Child on bikeby Anya Willis

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start making your shopping list and checking it twice. Instead of wrapping up toys for your children that could end up gathering dust in a few months, why not check out your local sporting goods store? If your child is a budding athlete, that’s where you’ll find the items on their wishlist. READ MORE

Have a Nutritious, Delicious Thanksgiving!

veggie turkey

veggie turkey

Thanksgiving is here again, kicking off the holiday season. And ‘tis the beginning of many festive events, most with food being front and center. This can cause a certain amount of trepidation about overeating and weight gain, putting at least a small damper on spirits. After all, about half of all weight gained annually occurs during the winter holidays. READ MORE

Fun Skills and Hobbies You Can Easily Pick Up Online

Camera taking picby Cheryl Conklin

Learning a new skill or picking up a new hobby is a great way to exercise your mind and boost your confidence. The best part? Hobbies are beneficial to people of any age. According to Verywell Mind, hobbies reduce daily stress, promote a positive mood and help us relax. Although learning something new can be a bit more difficult as you get older, it’s by no means impossible. So, challenge your brain, impress your friends and feel pride in your abilities by picking a fun new skill to learn today! READ MORE

Healthy Routines: How to Get Your Body and Mind in Shape Without Stress

by Jennifer McGregor

Woman doing abdominal exerciseHealthy routines can elude us even at the best of times; busy schedules, stress and anxiety, and responsibilities often make it difficult to keep our bodies and minds feeling good, but it’s important to look for ways to do so. Whether you could use some more sleep, a better diet, or ways to make better choices, there are simple things you can do to focus on your overall health. READ MORE