Fun Skills and Hobbies You Can Easily Pick Up Online

Camera taking picby Cheryl Conklin

Learning a new skill or picking up a new hobby is a great way to exercise your mind and boost your confidence. The best part? Hobbies are beneficial to people of any age. According to Verywell Mind, hobbies reduce daily stress, promote a positive mood and help us relax. Although learning something new can be a bit more difficult as you get older, it’s by no means impossible. So, challenge your brain, impress your friends and feel pride in your abilities by picking a fun new skill to learn today! READ MORE

Healthy Routines: How to Get Your Body and Mind in Shape Without Stress

by Jennifer McGregor

Woman doing abdominal exerciseHealthy routines can elude us even at the best of times; busy schedules, stress and anxiety, and responsibilities often make it difficult to keep our bodies and minds feeling good, but it’s important to look for ways to do so. Whether you could use some more sleep, a better diet, or ways to make better choices, there are simple things you can do to focus on your overall health. READ MORE

Fire Up the Grill!

man grilling with wife supportSummer’s around the corner and we’re cranking up our grills. There’s nothing like a Sunday afternoon having grilled delights with friends and family. Ah, it doesn’t get any better than that!

And not to put a damper on the fun, but I’m writing this blog to suggest some ways to make our grilling masterpieces healthier and safer. Hey, what can I say….I’m a nutritionist! It’s an occupational hazard not to partake of a little health and food safety with my grilling! So all you “grillmeisters” please indulge me and take note of a few tidbits of advice: READ MORE

Addiction Recovery: Using Alternative Therapies When Traditional Methods Fall Short

by guest contributor Kimberly Hayes

Not everyone responds to substance abuse treatment the same way. Sometimes, an alternative approach is needed in order to truly set your life on the right track. There are many different types of treatment and many more techniques that can help you mold your recovery into a sustainable way of life. But before you begin, it’s important to know your limits. If you’re physically unable to fully participate in any of these treatments, speak with your mentor or therapist about other ways to perpetuate your journey of healing and self-discovery. READ MORE

Farmers’ Markets: As Fresh as It Gets!

carotenoids veggies with peopleNothing says summer like red, ripe tomatoes and strawberries, juicy peaches and corn on the cob still in its husk! Tis the season for farmers’ markets to provide us with a variety of fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables, herbs and a friendly, unique shopping adventure. This week’s blog is intended to help you make the most of your farmers’ market experience. READ MORE

Maintaining Healthy Habits in Recovery

Yoga girlFor many individuals who are in recovery for substance abuse, finding ways to introduce and maintain healthy lifestyle habits can be difficult. Some have trouble knowing where to start, while others are afraid that beginning a new routine will stress their sobriety and lead to a relapse. However, it’s important to develop good habits and make them a part of your everyday life, not just for yourself, but also for the people who love you. Knowing how to treat your body and mind with kindness will help you learn how to navigate relationships and keep you on a more joyful path as you find your way through recovery. READ MORE

For Cracking the Addiction Recovery Code, Your Best Tool May Be Exercise

Woman stretching outsideRecognizing that you have a problem and addressing your need to battle an addiction is one of the toughest, bravest things you can do. Unfortunately, the tough road only begins there. The end of that road is not a cure of your addiction – that doesn’t exist. Most medical professionals, therapists, and step program participants will tell you that an addict will forever be in recovery. What does exist, however, is a place where you have control over your addiction, and that’s your ultimate goal. Here’s how exercise can be one of the best tools in your arsenal for fighting that battle. READ MORE