Eating Slow is the Way to Go!

Turtle eatingWhen eating at a restaurant did you ever finish your meal feeling satisfied, then while driving home in the car become “more and more satisfied?” It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s full. So if you eat really fast while those two are trying to communicate, you’re likely to get over-full. (And considering the Paul Bunyan-sized portions that many restaurants serve, getting full can take on new meaning!)

Woman eating sushiWhether at a restaurant, home, office, or picnic in the park, taking the time to fully chew and enjoy your food will give you that “I’m-full-and-can-stop-eating now-feeling” a lot sooner and after many fewer calories. Also, by chewing your food more thoroughly, you’ll make it easier on your digestive tract and lower the probability of getting indigestion or an upset tummy.  Eating at a slower pace can be difficult, given the speed at which we live our lives nowadays. But just because we have come to expect our computers to respond in milliseconds, we shouldn’t ask our bodies to do the same. We just aren’t programmed that way. So, unless your stomach decides to become a faster communicator, get into the practice of pacing yourself. Before you begin eating, take a few deep breaths and exhale all the stress from within. Then change gears, put your speed on “slow-mo” and enjoy!

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