Nutrition in the “Name of the Law!”

NLR Police presentationPolice officers have stressful jobs, often with long, irregular hours. Living a healthy lifestyle is especially important for these public servants. Last week David Rath Nutrition, Inc. gave a four-hour workshop on nutrition and fitness to the North Little Rock Police Department at their training academy. Topics covered were:


• The importance of regular health screenings and what the numbers mean
• Basic nutrition – making healthy choices from the Five Food Groups
• Weight Control – how to get to, and stay at, a healthy weight
• Reading the Nutrition Facts Label and ingredients info on food packages
• Making healthy choices when eating out
• Healthy snack choices
• The importance of being physically active and practical ways to do so
• How to develop good nutrition and physical fitness habits that last


Mid-way through the session a healthy snacks food demo was put on by Bernadette Rhodes, coordinator of the Fit2Live initiative for the City of North Little Rock. Officers were encouraged to participate in putting together trail mix from the ingredients provided, as well as several other healthy snacks. Of course the best part was partaking of the snacks after they were made!


Before doing the presentation I was wished “good luck” by many because this would be a “hard-sell audience.” I must admit I had a similar apprehension. I soon discovered that this was unfounded however. My audience of patrolmen, supervisors, detectives, internal affairs officers, administrators, etc. showed great interest in the presentation and asked many questions both during and after.


I left the training academy feeling very satisfied about how it went, and hopeful that North Little Rock’s finest might be all the healthier as a result. And who knows, maybe it will contribute in some small way for them to better “Protect and Serve!”


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