Sedentary Life a Health Risk, Even With Regular Exercise

Woman working in officeMany office workers can spend more than 75% of their working hours just sitting. Then their evenings may consist of watching TV, reading, or some other sedentary activity. Recent research findings suggest that this sedentary behavior is a risk factor for several types of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Even if they workout at a gym 3-4 times a week this doesn’t undo the damage done by being sedentary the remainder of the time.

The American Institute of Cancer Research recommends getting up at least every 60 minutes for 1 to 2 minutes of some type of activity. This could be just walking around, stretching, walking to a coworker’s office/cubicle instead of emailing, doing pushups, sit-ups, using light hand weights to do curls while checking emails, walking around while talking on the phone or having standup/walk-around meetings. Get the boss to install a punching bag. Having one available would not only provide some activity, but maybe some much-needed stress relief as well! When at home get up often for a glass of water, check on the laundry, make lunch for the next day, or any other excuse you can think of to rise above that cushy couch.Standup meeting by workers

The bottom line: Live an active lifestyle. Don’t let your activity level drop to nothing just because you’re not in a gym. Get off that duff at least every hour!

Source: American Institute for Cancer Research, Annual Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Physical Activity.

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