Some Like It Hot!

And that’s a good thing, especially if you are trying to lose weight or keep it off. Results of a Purdue University review of scientific studies indicate that capsaicin, a substance that gives chile peppers their burn, has modest potential for weight loss and maintenance. But if your mouth is a bit wimpy when it comes to the hot stuff, don’t despair! Capsiates, found in sweet peppers, are cool customers compared to capsaicin and do the same deed.

Both substances have been found to enhance fat burning and ramp up the body’s metabolic furnace to burn more energy after consumption. Since this was the case with normal weight, as well as overweight and obese subjects, it bodes well for both losing weight and keeping it off.

And there are many other reasons to eat peppers. Colorful peppers contain various phytonutrients, compounds that can lower the risk of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and many types of cancer. When including more fruits and veggies in your diet, don’t forget the peppers!

Source: Chemical Senses (2012) 37 (2): 103-121.

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