Weight Strategies That Work!

Cake or fruit choiceMethods of losing weight vary considerably from one person to the next. There are thousands of ways to lose it, some better (healthier) than others. The trick seems to be maintaining that loss. If you want to keep weight off, here are some tried and true ways. According to a review of 6,000 people who lost weight and maintained their weight loss, these behavioral strategies were the ones they adopted that worked:

  1. High levels of physical activity (about 60 minutes per day of moderate activity daily)
  2. Limit television watching: about 2/3 reported watching less than 10 hours per week
  3. Low-calorie, low-fat diet: consuming 1,380 calories per day, with less than 30% of calories from fat
  4. Consistent diet: eat the same foods regularly and do not “splurge” on high-calorie foods on weekends, holidays or other special occasions
  5. Eat breakfast: at least ¾ reported eating breakfast daily
  6. High dietary restraint and low disinhibition (resisting temptation). (Evidence also shows that total denial of a food you like can be self-defeating, so just maintain moderation of your indulgences. Also, controlling your environment so you do not put yourself in tempting situations and overuse your “willpower muscle” is a good idea.)
  7. Self-monitoring: more than ½ weighed themselves at least weekly and track their daily food intake

Although there’s no magic bullet here, sacrifice can be minimal. The best means of complying with the above-mentioned strategies would be to take it slow and gradual. Choose one and work on getting it engrained as a habit, then start on another. Sooner than you think you’ll be living a lifestyle that keeps you at a healthy weight!

(Source: National Weight Control Registry, 2011)


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